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Do you like a dynamic yoga flow to music that makes you forget everything else? Then this event is perfect for you:

Inside Flow with Geraldine Antoinette
Date: 30.08.2020 from 10:00 - 12:00
Location: Bodyart Studio at INDIGO Fitness
Price: CHF 40 for INDIGO Fitness Members CHF 35

Everything flows with the music - your body, your heart and your yoga.

Inside Flow is derived from Vinyasa Flow. Flowing and in constant movement a symbiosis of traditional yoga postures and modern sequencing is created.

In the Inside Flow yoga class, a choreography with asanas is built up, in which every movement is synchronized with the inhalation and exhalation in time with the music and is performed several times at the end to a choreographed song.

Breath, movement and music melt together to a magical harmony of body, mind and soul. Sign up and join this incredible experience  send an e-mail to geraldine.antoinette@bluewin.ch to be a part of the event